Vax-D Spinal Decompression FAQs

Questions & Conditions

Questions will arise on various conditions, in most cases the doctor will need to determine if the VAX-D is indicated or contraindicated.

There are some cases that the possibility for success may be less then optimum, but if there is a chance and there are no other safer alternatives it may be worth it to try. We will try to give our best opinion as to what these chances might be for success.

We can absolutely not treat anyone with metal implants in their spine, but essentially all other conditions will have to be determined by the doctor.

Conditions less likely to qualify are severe stenosis, severe scoliosis,
spondylolisthesis with bilateral pars defects, severe osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis, and various diseases and fractures of the bone.

What is VAX-D?
VAX-D is a non-surgical decompressions system for the treatment of low back conditions and associated leg pain or numbness. It decompresses and re-hydrates the disc by creating a vacuum like effect in the disc, which draws the disk back into place so it can heal.
What is the cost of VAX-D treatment?
VAX-D treatments are usually given in a series of 20-40; the average cost of a series is around $2,500- $4,000. We do offer a free consultation to determine if VAX- D is right for you.
Will my insurance cover the VAX-D treatment.
Depending on your policy… Call our office with your insurance information, and we will check your benefits. We do offer a free consultation to determine if VAX-D is right for you.
What is the cost for Medicare / United Health Care/BC/BS?
That depends on the doctor's recommendations. If persistent… We do offer a discounted rate for those with no insurance. The typical case is around $3,600 and we do have payment plans available. We do offer a free consultation to determine if the VAX-D is right for you.
How do I qualify for treatment?
One of our physicians will evaluate your condition. If you have had X-ray, MRIs, or CT scans bring them with you.
How many sessions does it require?
The average is 20-25, however that is based on each individual's condition and the doctor's recommendation.
Is VAX-D traction?
No, it is a decompression procedure. VAX-D produces a vacuum like effect within the disc and traction does not.
Is VAX-D experimental or investigational?
No, VAX-D is fully FDA approved and is the only system that has been approved by the FDA for lumbar spinal decompression.
How effective is VAX-D?
VAX-D has proven to be 70-80% effective.
How long has VAX-D been around?
VAX-D has been in the development stage for about ten years, it was given full FDA approval for lumbar spinal decompression in 1996.
How long has your doctor's/facility been utilizing VAX-D?
For over three and half years or we have been utilizing VAX-D since September of 1996.
Does VAX-D treatment hurt?
No, in fact most people most people notice a reduction of pain during treatment.
Does VAX-D have any risks associated with it?
No, the patient is in full control, the design of the equipment allows you to stop the treatment at any time.
Will I be able to continue working?
That will be determined by your doctor, depending on your condition and your type of job. Most people can continue to work with possibly some modifications.
Is the effects of VAX-D permanent?
Yes in most cases.
Can I have VAX-D treatments if I have had surgery?
Yes providing you haven't had any metal implants.
Can VAX-d help arthritis?
Yes in many cases, the doctor can determine if VAX-D is right for you. Would you like to make an appointment for a free consultation?
Can someone with a hip replacement be treated with VAX-D?
Yes, in most cases of course the doctor will have to evaluate them to determine if the VAX-D is right for them.
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